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Unique Woodworking Inc. is well known for its outstanding quality of service.



We are a family run woodworking business that has been servicing the Greater Toronto Area since 2000. Our craftsmen strive to give you the best quality product every single time. Customization is our specialty. Whatever theme you decide for your home decor, we can ensure that woodwork lives up to your vision. After all, impeccable woodwork is the key to converting a house into a home.

The following are the services we provide
Kitchen: We can transform your kitchen into a wooden paradise. We make cabinets, waterfall and breakfast tables, kitchen islands, covers for fan hoods and shelves and cabinets in the pantry. We can also provide wood panelling for your fridge, dishwasher and other appliances.
Bathroom: The right kind of wood can elevate the look of your bathroom. We make sinks, medicine and upper cabinets for your vanity. We can even provide customized mirrors that match the whole look.
Others: Why should quality woodwork be limited to your kitchen and bathroom? Elevate your home to the new level of home decor by installation of our walk-in closets, fireplaces, side tables, bars etc.

Have you searched everywhere for the perfect finish and colour for your doors? Well, your search ends with us. We can customize everything as per your wish. We can handle a project that requires work from scratch and ones that are about refurbishing existing work.

We ensure to use modern and best in market tools and well-trained professionals who can deliver exceptional services. We have kept our prices at an affordable range to make sure that it fits everyone’s budget. Big or small, we take all the projects seriously, and give it our best effort. We can guarantee your satisfaction and all our customers can attest to the quality of service we provide.



Our team of professionals with up-to-date techniques and tools deliver exceptional and affordable services to our customers to make sure that it fits their budget.


Since established, we are highly trusted for transforming residential and commercial spaces into the best quality designs.


Whatever design you may decide for decorating your space we ensure that our creative solutions will live up to your vision.


Our impeccable solutions and woodworking products are certified and will transform your house into a beautiful home.

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